Stella and Max are two very different people. But with passion leading the way, they united to create Stella & Max – a brand made with love.

Stella and Max’s own romance seemed unlikely at first. Stella is practical and down to earth. Max is carefree and laidback. But once they joined forces, they found that they complemented one another. And as a pair, they’re irresistible.

Just what is Stella & Max all about? It’s about products that are fashionable, yet practical. Products that are multifunctional, transitioning easily from daytime errands to a night on the town. Perhaps you’ll be carrying our clutch as you grab a quick lunch or sporting our mini-crossbody for a girls’ night out.

Stella & Max embodies many positive qualities. That’s where the confidence in our brand comes from. We’re stylish while remaining comfortable and functional. We’re colorful, fresh and bright. We offer rich textures like tumbled canyon and subtle grains. And did we tell you that we breathe romance?

We’re Stella & Max – Made with Love.