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    “Sweet Season” Dome Satchel

    You will need to get your hands on this satchel.  It’s classic styling with a fashion twist that are irresistible. Available in solids, color blocking and wonderful materials.

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    • G03161_03_A-1500x1134
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    “Some Kind of Wonderful” Satchel

    This easy-chic style transitions seamlessly from work to an evening out with friends. This satchel is the perfect accessory to accompany any outfit.

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    “Foldover” Crossbody

    Are you a girl on the go? Just adjust the strap and go! This roomy crossbody bag is perfect for weekend errands or travel. Extra pockets inside and out to keep all your things organized. Grab one of our Tumbled Canyon colors or patterns.

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    • G08160_39_A-1500x1134
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    “Forever” Backpack

    This must-have backpack is perfect for all your outings. It is easy-to-wear with adjustable straps and a convenient top handle. Plenty of extra pockets to stash your stuff. Available in Tumbled Canyon or a fashionable stripe.

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    • G06156_10_A 1500x1134
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    “Stubborn Love” Shopper

    This easy going bag with eye- catching style will look perfect with jeans or work wear. The foldover tab closure keeps your belongings safe and secure. Comes in solid and a stripe color block.


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    • G03163_03_A 1500x1134
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    “Summer Love” Tote

    Who doesn’t love a new tote bag that is spacious, secure and great looking? The handy outside pocket ensures you never will be digging for your cell phone. Available in a versatile multi straw or in light fashion colors.

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    • G03165_77_A-1500x1134
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    “Everyday” Tote

    An instant style upgrade that you can wear everyday. It fits all your office essentials. We just LOVE the added key fob. Featured in two great color block combos and a fabulous multi color straw.